Welcome to my personal website. Here's a picture of me from five years ago.

Here are some older pictures of me, and one newer.

Full name: Richard Albert Nichols III

Star and and moon sign: Aquarius

Myers-Briggs type: INTJ

email: inhahe@gmail.com

WordPress: myriachromat.wordpress.com

Quora: quora.com/profile/Richard-A-Nichols-III

Articles and 1 subsection I wrote for Uncyclopedia:

YouTube favorite songs list: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwbh4C0zA3pScrcSqSVpr1rNF48R3XbK1

YouTube uploads: youtube.com/user/inhahe/videos and https://www.youtube.com/@inhahe/shorts

Another playlist of favorite songs, this one stored on this site so songs won’t get deleted, and with a lot more songs: http://inhahe.com/playlist


Facebook: facebook.com/ColorStorm

Twitter: twitter.com/iyaelsorai

RetroSpring: retrospring.net/ColorStorm

askfm: ask.fm/overdork

goodreads: goodreads.com/review/list/25239039

OKCupid: okcupid.com/profile/AirCastle333

mingle2: mingle2.com/user/view/18201306

GitHub: github.com/inhahe

Reddit: reddit.com/user/myriachromat

Some handles, nicks, aliases, screen names, usernames, etc. I’ve used on IRC, AIM, Twitter, BBSs, etc.:
Inhahe, ColorStorm, AirCastle, ikiel, Ayiel, iyael, iyaelorai, iyaelsorai, sikelogic, The, Repne Scasb, eode, eode-apoa, asadasafa, overdork, exalumen, prism_attic, Chris Alice, Arco Iris Gotico, gothic_rainbow, sloppy`alien`abduction, spacedust, sarcasmos, twilighteyed, tenderStorm, O11O1OO1, Legion_of_forks, paramaven, pancreant, myriachromat, metarogue, Merq, lonelydream, lunarrain, ikiel`lumani, i_see_stars, ilyarien, icetears, ColdFire, anoetic, cerulean, Buddhaha, Beyondo, Godlust, LuMaNi, lumani, TheSwordsInTheTone, Wonko_the_Sane, WaveGuide, \psychic_almonds\, FiberSuck, _2adore, adores, abraxas, abtensile, acausal, acuteangl, anomalon, confusicon, antisceptic, DAEDALUS, fakeId, flying_caterpillars, peanutbutterflies, white_crayon, strayhair, stainedglass, revolving_monastary, sad-powered purple prism, wWw NrGC wWw, themissingsocks, rainbowice, post_hoc_reifier, picaflor, nfi, icecastle, cropcircle, caerien, avien, avian, aqua^mage, Andy Warhol’s Hair, deep_sea_creature, Qntm_Hckr, tesseract, Titania, omfg, holycow, defence_mechanism, disenchanted, dreaminwake, dreamwalker, free_radical, hi`i`m`rertarded, neveroddoreven, kavorka, ElementaR, aDdlouSe, casionic

Favorite quotes

A few jokes I’ve collected, some of which are The Best

Favorite poems

Here is a gallery of interesting plants and animals I’ve collected. Most of them are surprisingly large, either as a species or as individuals of their species. Some are babies. Two of them, which look like a white/clear bulb on top of a stem, are strange collections of cells that are neither plant nor animal.

My main pics directory and select subdirectories, in gallery form